About MyPhotographyCourse


Who we are?

We are a team of professional photographers based in Vancouver BC. We are passionate about photography and love to capture things, moments, people and places in images that speak or tell a story in a visual way. We are on a mission to teach new photographers in Vancouver how to use their cameras and their photography equipments, to teach them photography techniques a professional photographer uses.

What are students say about our photography courses

Read a few of the reviews our students have written about our photography courses and our professional photographers that teach our courses.

I took the “Master Your Camera” class. It was such a great experience of learning how to use my camera to its full potential and some useful techniques that improved the quality of my photos.

Heleen Bouyer

Wow, I have learned so much and see a huge difference between the photos I used to take before the photography course and the photos I take now. I kind of feel ashamed of my old photos now. Great course and very knowledgable and creative photographers.

Luca Mazzocato

I have had people ask me to take their wedding photos and offered to pay me as a professional photographer. I have already booked two clients that I am going to be their wedding photographer this summer. Thank you guys!! My photography course is the best!

Leonard Melo